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Skin devices

Skin devices
The battery-operated face brush works with batteries to solve your beauty problems in a moment, as it removes you from the dull, dry skin that makes you look older than you are. It gives you a glowing skin without losing large amounts to restore your face glasses, vitality, hands, disinfectant and w..
S.R 33
Facial Sauna Brand: Sedra t - purifies and cleans the skin..
S.R 72
Facial Sauna Brand: Sedra t - purifies and cleans the skin..
S.R 230
The hair removal using wax of the best ways to get the soft skin free of excess hair..
S.R 72
Brand: sidra Rechargeable Wax Rechargeable Wax Remover is electrically suppressed after being subjected to a sufficient heat. This product is ideal for personal and professional use. It is also an important part of the high quality, The sensitive skin can be used on all parts of the body as a bikini..
S.R 190
Brand: Ramah
Paraffin Wax Stabilizer from Cedar: Can dissolve 3 kg of paraffin wax - Control high and low temperature..
S.R 165
Designed to provide an equal heat distribution of wax smelting - Allows you to adjust the temperature comfortably - High quality electrical circuits prevent overheating and short circuit..
S.R 66
the description:Vapor for faceWater boilerCaustic vaporSterilizerSpit eggsType: Vapor and hair steam apparatusBrand: Laiting..
S.R 55
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