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Body devices

Body devices
Brand: Dr Hakem
To remove the lingering fat in the skin Deeply cleans the lingering residue in the pores to make the skin smooth and smooth against the water and can be used during shower Operating on batteries contain three brushes: deeply cleans and removes dirt, making the skin clear and smooth. Suggestion of us..
S.R 45
Fat Crusher Device
Brand: Goodwind
The massager of the body is an infrared device to nourish the body, calm and beautify it by producing local heat by means of penetration which penetrates under the skin causing rest and has several ideal speeds for the abdomen, waist, hips, back, shoulder and thighs..
S.R 250
Brand: Dr Hakem
Foot Care GroupFrom Dr. Hakim Company(DR-HAKEM)The group contains:Lotion for moisturizing the feetAnd a foot massage creamAnd footrestFoot creams and foot cleaner..
S.R 51
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