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Filmo therapy

Filmo therapy
Filmo therapy
SR 700
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  • Dimensions: 20.00CM x 7.00CM x 7.00CM
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For soft-felt hair and exclusive ChromoCompact treatment. More gloss, shine and silky texture! For easy hair styling on a daily basis.

It is a gel for softening and hair restoration. Made from lotus flower and macadamia oil, very rich in omega 6, 7 and 9, works on slimming and hairdressing, maintaining the softness of hair at the same time, giving it the appearance of flexibility and strength at the same time. It protects and maintains your hair and facilitates hair complexions and makes it incredibly smooth with a natural look. This is because of the exclusive ChromoCompact technology, which works inside its cells for styling, leaving it with more strong and healthy resistance. This preparation is for expert use only.

How to use: Place the gel, a tuft on all hair, leaving a half-centimeter away from the roots of the hair. Distribute it regularly to all hair. Do not place it on the scalp. Leave for 30-40 minutes. Do not wash. Dry it, first by the seshwar at a low temperature (warm) and then stand on top of the turf on 10-12 times. With attention to the condition of the tufts to control the temperature. * Tip: For blond hair, colored, thin, or for dry hair, use turf 180 ° C from 12-15 times. For thick or african hair, use turquoise at 220 ° C. Wash it then and label it as you like.

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