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Sponge base Contour No. 15020

Sponge base Contour No. 15020
Sponge base Contour No. 15020
SR 6
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: GMEI
  • Weight: 15.00G
  • Dimensions: 5.00CM x 5.00CM x 5.00CM
  • SKU: 2021502000

Is a small oval sponge, used to blend make-up on your face in an equal way to look natural skin without any trace of lines that may result from make-up

How to use the Beauty Blender sponge is very easy, especially for beginners in the makeup mode, it only needs to know the correct way to use and any girl can put the makeup easily.

First, sponge well with water to double the size, and then squeeze well to become wet without falling water droplets T

thirdly, apply some drops of foundation cream on the face or on the back of the mouth to sink the sponge.

Thirdly, with quick and successive compressions, the face is placed on the underside of the sponge (the wide part) to distribute the make-up to the entire skin.

Fourthly, The upper part of the sponge (mandible part B) to reach the deep areas of the face, such as the parts surrounding the nose and eye.

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