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Hot sweety towel remover make-up

Hot sweety towel remover make-up
Hot sweety towel remover make-up
SR 28
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: Hot Sweety
  • Weight: 25.00G
  • Dimensions: 40.00CM x 18.00CM x 1.00CM
  • SKU: 600000050

Soft cloth to remove reusable make-up, let you remove make-up using only warm water. Effect: Remove all types of make-up and mascara even anti-waterproof ones. Fabric Remove This chemical-free make-up is able to remove all kinds of make up so hard of it, each cloth lasts for a thousand washings,. This cloth, made from a soft woven polyester blend, removes the most difficult make-up without leaving any residue, except for a healthy feeling of revitalization and cleanliness. The deodorant can be washed with a makeup remover in the washing machine. It is seven inches long and 16 inches long

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